Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Macklemore Style:)

Hello, Lovies!
When Whitney of http://www.alaladywolf.com/ invited me to participate in  $20 Challenge for her article on Chictopia, I did not think a moment and said yes. 
I had less than a day to put the whole look together and shoot it. So I was thinking black and white, black and white. The whole outfit should be thrifted and under $20USD. But before I break it down to you  I must say, the sweater is NOT meant for an 80 degree weather!

Let's go from top to bottom:
bowler hat ($2.15)
 sweater ($3.50)
 leather skirt ($2.50)
Faux leather boots ($2.50)
small vintage bag ($2.99)

I am pretty sure I came well under budget even after tax:)

What do you say: yay or nay?
And do you have any thrifted outfits that total under $20.00?
DO share!!
Just leave me link with your posts in the comments below!
And don't forget to check out Whitney's article on thrifting!



  1. defeinitely Yay.
    Love the material contrasts! Adorable!



  2. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    You look.amaxing I LOVE the skirt :) I have a lot of thrifted clothes but I've never worn a while outfit- I'm going to give it a try :)

  3. Black and white always work together, but with the nice mix of materials, it is even better!
    I cannot believe everything is so cheap as well!
    You are amazing darling!


  4. This is seriously awesome. Love that you thrifted all of it!

    Trendy Teal

  5. this is so nice and i like the look...edgy and chic

  6. Every time I come to your blog I see more and more stylish girl! Rock on!)

  7. You look stunning! Love your blog <3

  8. graet blog thanks for sharing
    Do you want to follow eachother?
    A Kariotakis

  9. Hey you´ve a wonderful blog!
    So if you want we can follow each other here, on bloglovin
    and via GFC let me know!
    Please check out mine :)

  10. I really love this look! Can't believe that everything in it was so cheap... I'm really jealous about these thift stores... We don't have something like that here in Germany! There are shops called "second hand shops" where you can buy vintage clothes, but they are definitly not that cheap!

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