Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Fashion: Mini dress and Over the knee socks

I am wearing: Cardigan- vintage, dress - Forever21, socks - Forever21, faux fur collar - H&M, boots - JC Lita, bag - Target, necklace and hat - Forever21

It was so cold today, and so windy, my hat flew away not just once, and it was so hard to take outfit photos, as I was freezing to death. The cold caught us very unexpectedly, it was 80 yesterday and today already under 60. December definitely is letting us know it's coming! Can't wait to wear winter clothes  again! So excited! I am going to a dinner today, and I'm back to work tomorrow. Hope everybody's having a good day. Till next post, sincerely yours))

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Fashion: Leather pants and fur

I am wearing: H$M faux leather pants, Kirra cardigan, vintage fur collar, JC Lita shoes, DIY turband

That's all I have for today. Warm and stylish look, I think. It was perfect for Chicago weather. The cardigan is pretty long and very comfy, and of course I wouldn't survive without fur, it really saved me. I miss cold weather, I must tell you. It's still in the 80's where I live. It was funny: yesterday I went ice skating, they installed an ice rink on the board walk, and I dressed up like I was going to the North Pole keeping in mind how cold I was last time I went, 10 minutes later I really regretted wearing a turtle neck - who knew the windows would be kept open (that's Florida weather we're talking about). The ice rink turned out to be just under a tent, ice was even melting in some areas. Anyway I had a lot of fun and fell like a hundred times!!!
Thanks everybody for stopping by!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter fashion: First snow

I am wearing: Cardigan - American Eagle, skirt - old from Kohl's, tights - Target, over knee socks - Forever21, shoes - Target, satchel - Mudd, faux fur collar - H&M

Meet my little friend Businka! She's been here with me for over 3 years now since I came to the US from Russia, she is a sweet little bear and a dear friend! My outfit today is inspired by winter and snow - something I haven't experienced since I settled in Florida 3 something years ago. And snow is my favorite thing in the whole world! It brings joy and fun and laughter! It turns us into kids again and lets us just enjoy ourselves playing snowballs or making snow angels, ice-skating or just sliding down the hill in a sleigh! I miss snow and winter so so much. And I miss my home. This outfit reminds me of fun times filled with this simple unconditioned happiness when you look up and feel snowflakes fall on your face, and all the trees look so warm and comfy yet still stylish and fabulous in their gorgeous white coats! So that's me imitating winter a bit, because I feel this year I am going to miss it again (tear)...
Anyway, I wanted to thank you guys a whole bunch, because I haven't been this happy in a while, my little pictures hit Chictopia's front page 2 days in a row and I received such a wonderful feedback from you! I love you all so much, and I hope you like this outfit as well)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall Fashion: Black Friday

I am wearing: Blazer - vintage on ebay, top - old from Walmart, shorts - Levis cut-offs, belt - Forever21, hat- vintage on ebay, socks - Target, shoes - JC

Gosh, I have never been a fan of black Friday to tell you the truth, waiting for days in line to get a $100 discount is not for me. All this craziness just makes me mad, it really does! Last time I heard there have been already 20 cases of death today, people died of exposure, or got literally squished in a line, bit up to death in this treasure hunt, one person even died because the box with the fridge fell on them. How crazy is that? I don't want my Friday to be black, is a discounted TV really worth a human life??? 
I chose this outfit in crazy colors to reflect this Black Friday madness. Most of the items are very inexpensive, vintage that I thrifted in a store or online in a civilized way of course, no damage was caused to me or other shoppers. It's bright and colorful. Who said Black Friday should be black anyway??

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Fashion: Happy Thanksgiving!!

  I am wearing Blazer - H&M, Tights - ASOS, bag - Mudd, Shoes - JC, 

All I want to say today: is Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! I am so thankful for so many people and things in my life: for my wonderful family, for my beloved husband, for all of my friends and everybody who supports me and reads my blog and takes a minute from their busy life to stop by and say hi!!! Thank you so much everybody. Let this Thanksgiving be abundant with joy and happiness, laughter, dearest and nearest people, and of course lots and lots of foood!!!!
Be happy and thankful!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fur coat and shorts

I am wearing: Fur Coat - Kenar, Shorts - vintage, DIY; tights - Forever21, Turband - Target, DIY, Turtleneck - Forever21, Boots - Etienne Aigner, Bag - Target

I have been obsessed with fur lately, well, actually, I have been a fan of it forever: it's comfy, warm, stylish! But living in Florida for past 3 years did not require wearing any and that made me a little sad. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out I was going to Chicago - cold weather and fur are best friends!! So I took my little Kenar fur coat, which is truly amazing and I received so many comments on it, and some people even thought it was real accusing me of murder and my husband for spending so much money on a piece of clothing! When this particular piece just cost me $50 at Marshall's - gotta love discount stores! Another thing that saved from the famous winds was my little diy turband that was originally just a regular headband I purchased at Target very very long ago and hardly ever wore it. So I decided to give it another chance and a second life by just gathering the front part together with a knitting thread. The result - stylish turband that keeps your ears warm at all times and your hair in place which is very important in a windy weather. One more diy piece I am wearing are the shorts that I scored at a thrift store for a buck and altered them a bit to fit me, the color is perfect for fall I thought, plus they are quite warm!
Thanksgiving is so close guys! I am working on Thursday, so we are going to have the dinner today, the bird is already in the oven, time to make salads and the apple pie! 
I wish you all the best! Gobble-Gobble!!