Monday, November 21, 2011

Geeky Elf?

Walking along decorated for Christmas streets yesterday I couldn't help but thinking how unfair it its for Thanksgiving! Why not decorate the city after this Holiday? But, no matter how strongly my mind try to oppose to the idea, I believe the spirit of Christmas my subconcious and peeking the outfit for our little walk today I chose all the things "elfy" that I could find in my wardrobe. An elf with a geeky
I am trying to upload more outfit pictures on my blog, because it was intended as my fashion blog, but for many reasons I have been posting a lot of outfit pictures here. And all of those would sound very lame to write about them here, plus I am so not in the mood to complained. I am a little elf today, and elves are very merry and cheerful beings!!!
And that's exactly how I want to be, full of happiness so I can spread it around to the people I love. I want to be confident and strong and experiment with style!
Check ou my YouTube channel  for more oufit ideas where I have uploaded over a hundred outfit videos.
Love everybody who reads this blog, or visits once in a while and leaves their comments. Your support means a world to me)


  1. wow dear you look gorgeous!! love your outfit sooo much!! perfect colors and prints!! so retro and pretty!!
    please vote for me here:) it will only take a minute

  2. Thanks! I voted for you yesterday)

  3. Hope you like the Pumpkin Coconut bread if you make it :)

    Where did you get that sweater lady?!??? I have been obsessed with deer lately...and that sweater is perfection! I love this whole outfit so much. You look adorable in that hat too!