Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Fashion: Bright red

This is what I wore today, the splash of my favorite color, to feed my pre-holiday excitement even more! However people around me did not think so looking strangely at me, or maybe that's what it means to turn heads!? When everybody at a little street cafe forgets about their morning coffee and each other and just stares at some eccentric young lady walking by in a bright blazer and killer heels! In a small town I live in people never dress up, even a little bit, they stay in their t-shirts and jeans all year long, I swear, so this little outfit (that did not seem like anything out of this world to me - because it is not!!) really created some buzz!  I even started feeling like I am some kind of a cougar walking around with a young guy who is trying to be my photographer! Anyway, it gave that punch of energy I needed!!! And it really made me laugh, which, I should admit, helped me a lot to open up in front of camera, because I usually feel so awkward posing in front of all those strangers in the streets! So it was really really fun!
Can you believe though, they already have the decorations for Christmas all over the town!? It always makes me feel bad for Thanksgiving, like they can't decorate with pumpkins and autumnal ornaments for the holiday, and just wait a week till it's over?


  1. Thanks so very much for the wonderful comment on my Foxy Faux post :)

    This is the best outfit I have seen in a long time. No joke lady! You look stunning and I am in love with the red and your cute tights!


  2. Thank you so much, dear!!! You made my day)

  3. Really love to see the bright colors in the holiday season, makes me happy:D