Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was definitely fun! finger cookies, dressed up friends, laughs and pictures! I had this 5 minute cat costume composed of my leather like leggings, a black turtle neck, ankle booties and a scarf used as a tail, and of course, some miss-matched jewelry to compensate for the simplicity. I did not have cat ears, so I decided to make 2 buns and they worked out pretty well. The make was minimal, just eyeliner to achieve cat-eye effect, lil black nose and whiskers! That's all. No extra money or a lot of time spent))
Hope, you guys had fun on Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Think of me

Waltz in your hands, think of me,
I adore it...
I keep listening to this song by Marie Amelie.

Un valse dans tes bras, pense à moi,
J'adore ça...
Je ne cesse d'écouter cette chanson de Marie Amelie)

Вальс в твоих руках
Думай обо мне
Я это обожаю...
Не перестану слушать эту песню Мари Амели)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jackie Sparrow

 I swear I did not drink a drop of that, Arghhh
 Miss JoAnn and I
 Andrew (who is also a great web artist) and I
 Kip and I
Dan, Krystan and I

One of my favorite costumes of all times has always been that of a pirate! So this year I had to put an outfit in one day (we had a Halloween party early this year), and it was very unexpected, so I did not have any time to shop for one. So I just shopped my closet, so to say. And my ancient pants seemed like a perfect start, then came the vest that I got on ebay, a white blouse with wide sleeves (perfect!), black boots that I had forever, an old wide belt to go across the front of my blouse, the gold ancor necklace, and of course a crimson headband to achieve “the Johnny Depp” look! None of this is diy though, unfortunately, as I mentioned before I had less than 2 hours!! But you can only imagine how much time it took me to braid my hair and incorporate beads in it! So I consider it a true DIY indeed! Thanks so much for taking a look at this improvised “Jackie Sparrow” look!

P.S You might have noticed that I look different in some of the pictures, and that's because the event lasted for 3 days, and to my own surprise and astonishment I came up with 3 different outfits and all from my own closet! I did not even know I owned so many pirate related clothes. Maybe I was one in my past life, lol. Gotta love PIRATES!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspiration: Natalia Vodianova

All the photos via Google Images

Natalia Vodianova is my favorite Russian model! I think she is even my favorite model ever. Her face is just phenomenally gorgeous, and there is mystery in her eyes. Her life is very inspirational: the struggle, the desire to achieve success and do what you love! She really makes me believe that the best things in my life are yet to come.
Love, Rita)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Boyfriend blazer


I don't know about you, but I love blazers and really hope to extend my collection, if you can call 3 blazers a collection! I went to pick up some cat food and I decided to pair this blazer from Forever21 with some destructed jeans and high boots. The t-shirt has "The Beatles" all over it and it's a great conversation starter! Too bad it's too old and I have the feeling I'll need to say good-bye to it very soon and give it some very well earned rest... Anyway I think this look is one of my favorite just because it's so basic, so casual, so comfortable and really works for so many occasions. No matter how old I get I believe I would always be happy to use a boyfriend blazer-jeans-high boots combination. What about you? What is your to go outfit?

La Vie en Rose

Forget the troubles, remember your childhood. Put on the pink colored glasses, happy and carefree! I just created this set on polyvore! And it's my favorite now. Pink brings happiness, it's warm and tender, it soothes, it cheers, it gives hope. It's super chic and stylish! La vie en rose, Paris... oh-la-la!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's inspiration

1. Kids in vintage (how cute!!)

2. Black and gold - who said it's too much?

3. Buns, yet again... I just wonder how many pins I would need to hold one like that?

4. All things sweet!
 homemade by me!
5. Kisses
 Hubby and I

6. Smiles
 Us again with a big Yellow guy :)

7. Baggy cardigans. Can't get enough!
 Photo by me

8. Cats eating mint???
  My vegetarian cat

Balloons - the more the merrier!!!
Google images
 Peace and love everybody! TTYL!!!