Saturday, October 22, 2011

day 6

As you see I am a little (or, maybe, a little too much) obsessed with my cat. He is my baby! So let me introduce my stylish boy. His name is Keysa, a modification from Kisa, Russian for kitty, not very creative you might say, but it reminds me of home, and therefore sounds even sweeter. So, this is Keysa, he always wears a tuxedo and sticks with black and white, he is a bit pretentious like that, but that's just a part of his charm. He likes to watch birdies and buggies from the windowsill and catch them if they fly in the house, he also likes bags, be it shopping bags, mommy's bags, suitcases, or water packs - he would jump right in and you don't have to pack him! His favorite treats are cucumber peals and bread crusts, also fish food that he borrows from his fellow pets, some spinach is always nice, dried apricots (whatever that has to do with cats). His newly acquired hobby is to walk from one side of the foot board to the other without falling. His arch enemies are toes and if he sees any he will attack them and bite and bite till his undeniable victory.
On a serious note here, it's day 6 as you might have seen from the title and Keysa wants to say:"I miss you, Daddy", "I protect your side of the bed and keep it warm for you". And mommy says as well: I miss you, Trav, can't wait to see you again" "Love you".


  1. Thanks so much for the comment on my Pumpkin' Pickin post :)

    I LOVE cats tooo! Your kitty is way too adorable! Love all these photos.......following you now....hope you will want to follow me too :)