Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Absence and Christian Dior

        As you may have noticed, I haven't really been posting a lot of outfit pictures. I am very upset about it, but it is what it is and there was no way I could control the weather we we've been having this week. It was absolutely dreadful, especially because no one was notified and there was no warning on the news or anything at all of that kind. So taking pictures in the 65 m/h wind was not an option. That's why I've been posting the absolutely amazing photos I found on from the runway shows and I have been more than inspired!

     All pictures are from
        Another great collection! I mean I won't probably wear a pyramid or a sphere on my head, but I think it looks great on the runway, all those colors and different textures, unexpected combinations and forms, I am so in love with this! Well done, Christian Dior!

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