Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jackie Sparrow

 I swear I did not drink a drop of that, Arghhh
 Miss JoAnn and I
 Andrew (who is also a great web artist) and I
 Kip and I
Dan, Krystan and I

One of my favorite costumes of all times has always been that of a pirate! So this year I had to put an outfit in one day (we had a Halloween party early this year), and it was very unexpected, so I did not have any time to shop for one. So I just shopped my closet, so to say. And my ancient pants seemed like a perfect start, then came the vest that I got on ebay, a white blouse with wide sleeves (perfect!), black boots that I had forever, an old wide belt to go across the front of my blouse, the gold ancor necklace, and of course a crimson headband to achieve “the Johnny Depp” look! None of this is diy though, unfortunately, as I mentioned before I had less than 2 hours!! But you can only imagine how much time it took me to braid my hair and incorporate beads in it! So I consider it a true DIY indeed! Thanks so much for taking a look at this improvised “Jackie Sparrow” look!

P.S You might have noticed that I look different in some of the pictures, and that's because the event lasted for 3 days, and to my own surprise and astonishment I came up with 3 different outfits and all from my own closet! I did not even know I owned so many pirate related clothes. Maybe I was one in my past life, lol. Gotta love PIRATES!


  1. hahahh,,,I want to do a Pirate too! I might need to borrow something from my son though! yours is fabulous!

  2. AAARRRRRR MATIES!!!!!! Awesome! I can't believe it, its me in Pirate Gear! I look pretty swashbuckly, You look good awesome Margarita. Infact you look like the female Jack Sparrow... Jacqueline Sparrow.

  3. Awesome! I am amazed at your costumes and your resourcefulness! You should totally enter the costume contest at Chictopia!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on my On the Tracks post :)

    You are toooo amazing as a perfect hahah. Glad you had fun!