Monday, October 3, 2011

Shoe Frenzy!

 So, designers went for the comfier heel... So far so good. Well, even if they did not, I would have still gone for comfort! No pair of no matter "what a gorgeous shoe" would ever make me choose beauty over comfort (I learned on my mistakes, and I owned some extremely uncomfortable ones). 
I especially love Marc Jacobs and Prada. So just out of curiosity I decided to take a look at some more Prada shoes available on their website. OMG, and here I mean the price. $700 is cheap, really. I always loved the brand, but now I really doubt I am ever going to have any number from their collections, ever. Even if I had the money, I probably could not justify buying such an expensive pair of say, Mary Janes. Well, you never know, everything can change. May be one day. Anyway, I don't exactly remember how much these coral babies were (forgive me my forgetfulness, because I tried so hard to remember, but together with all the other shoes and their prices for different designers... it did not fit in my head, and now I'm to lazy to look for the website where I got the pictures from (as you see, I'm also absent-minded enough not to have saved the link!!!) but anyway, a lot of people probably would say that that's such an idle pass-time; so not to mislead anyone watching these photos - they are not mine, of course, I got them from the web, I just don't remember exactly where...)

The next few pictures, however totally belong to me - as can be noticed by the quality (I tried my best, ok? and so did my camera - or at least I wish to believe it did), but we (the camera and I) are not provided with best resources, so excuse the quality of the following, as well as all the other pictures taken by me and posted here on my blog (it's not my fault, I PROMISE!!!)
 My version of an Oxford shoe on a thick heel (I mean, it's Franco Sartro's version, of course), but I, I was the one who picked them from the shelf!!! And paid whole $7 for a $90 pair of shoes, you know, everybody gets lucky once in a while to notice the last pair of designer shoes in a discount store. This time it was me, and you can't belive how lucky I really felt, "seven dollarrrs" i kept repeting to myself and the passers by thought I was absolutely crazy, and honestly I had no desire to deny that! Seven dollars!!! Anyway I have received sooo many comments on these babies, they have really been a perfect pair of work shoes for me providing offic-y edgy looke and so much needed comfort.
A nude pair from Charlotte Russe
  And the same number in black from Charlotte Russe again (could not resist for $27 a piece, when similar Zara shoes cost at least 4 times more and are most likely out of stock)
 Good old Litas by Jeffrey Campbell (oui, j'ai craquée - as the French would say, meaning "yes, i couldn't resist either", or something like that)
and the Mary Jane shoes, of course, but mine only cost me $14.00 a year ago and turned out to be a very good buy, since I wore them so much, and they are still in mint condition, and super comfy. These shoes are like my foot's best friend (I really mean both of my feet, my "my feet's best friend" just sounds sooo incorrect)!
Anyway, it's getting kind of really late, which means I could go on for hours, it's really during daytime I can't squeeze half a word out of myself, but come night... That's what you get for being an "owl". Well, good luck everybody! And I am finally going to shut down my computer, yes, I am, and curl with my husband and my cat to sleep.
Bonne nuit et bons rèves (I hope I spelled it right, the French for "Good night and sweet dreams").
Signing off...

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