Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Summer Round-up


I did not have that many summer posts (well, at least not here, on my blog, since it's only 1 month old), but all in all. And that's because it's been too hot. And I really mean it. Like, hot. Unbearable. So any kind of layering or pairing or even "wearing" was basically impossible. And I thought the heat would never go away. My AC was acting up and I could not sleep at night due to 84F weather!! Ugh... but I tell you what, I was coming back from work today and just a little walk to the car made me freeze to my bones. I think it was 57F. You will say, not too bad. But it happened when I least expected it: you go to work it's around 80 degrees, you come back it's c-c-cold and windy!!
So I thought I would say bye to the summer and early fall outfits and get ready for the real weather. Here come scarves and cardigans and blazers and furrrr!!! And all other fun sorts of things!
My cat is getting prepared as well, look how well he wrapped himself in a Christmas bag for Mommy!!!

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