Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall/Winter Trends I Am Currently Obsessing Over

1. Big Necklaces

I am so in love with all the massive, chunky, big, statement necklaces for this fall/winter season!!! My favorite, is, of course, Michael Kors's oversized chain necklaces- so simple yet genius!!! I am definitely going to be looking for a big chain necklace, or even maybe just for a big chain that I can make a necklace of!

2. Leather

I'm blown away by the colors and especially impressed by Gucci Collection! The colors are just amazing, so rich and vibrant: plum and orange, yellow, many shades of brown, green, blue - true colors of autumn. One word - stunning!

3. Fur
 Isabel Marant
Michael Kors


I really wish I had more fur in my wardrobe! The only thing I have is the silver fox collar that I adore and that I got from my Mom, it's actually older than I am, which makes it even more awesome:
And while my outfits resemble nothing of that color extravaganza of the designers, they are 1)very practical (I am a real girl after all, though I have been a bit scared of experimenting with color, I will try to change, I promise) and 2) very inexpensive (I am afraid to even think how much one would have to pay for a piece from Isabel Marant, Michael Kors or Gucci!!!).

4. Other Trends - a couple more pictures of the pieces I'm dying to have!!!
 Pink Sweater (or striped pink sweater) is such a cute trend!!
 Gianfranco Ferré
Something metallic: pants, skirt, dress, shirt, bag- anything really! (or all)! I want!!
Burberry Prorsum
Orange!!! and again Orange!! Want, want, want! Perfect Color far fall - I am thinking - a pair of trousers?

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