Friday, October 21, 2011

My Paintings

My paintings are a big part of me, of my personality. And though this blog was intended to be a fashion blog, I think you can create an image of me, and judge who I am much more by the paintings I create than by clothes I wear! I hope that's a good thing... I believe my style can be called impressionism, because I truly admire the masterpieces of Claude Monet. He will never stop fascinating me. But I love the expressionism of Van Gogh  as well (it has nothing to do with the way I sign my paintings "MarGo", I swear! Or, maybe just a little bit). I can stare at his paintings forever! And the sad story behind them is just so heartbreaking... 
As you see, most of these are portraits of people (or pets) I know. Let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your opinion. 


  1. Wow...great painting!!!now I really love you more my dear, I always admire talent people, with beauty is really a big bonus:)
    I tried to paint something for my headboard of my website, somehow I just can't make it..hehehe...

  2. Thanks, Hallie! Your opinion means a lot to me!!!

  3. You are really talented, these are absolutely lovely. I love the cats painting.


  4. Thanks a lot! It's one of my favorite too!

  5. Woah! These paintings are awesome. You have raw talent, that is something that is difficult to find in our digital age. You should do a whole lot of these paintings. Or as we say in South Florida "a whole bunch more". Followed by YeeHaw! Remember do art everyday.

  6. Ok, Andrew, now I am inspired by you! And I'll try to paint everyday, i've been promising myself for years..