Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Fashion: Mini dress and Over the knee socks

I am wearing: Cardigan- vintage, dress - Forever21, socks - Forever21, faux fur collar - H&M, boots - JC Lita, bag - Target, necklace and hat - Forever21

It was so cold today, and so windy, my hat flew away not just once, and it was so hard to take outfit photos, as I was freezing to death. The cold caught us very unexpectedly, it was 80 yesterday and today already under 60. December definitely is letting us know it's coming! Can't wait to wear winter clothes  again! So excited! I am going to a dinner today, and I'm back to work tomorrow. Hope everybody's having a good day. Till next post, sincerely yours))


  1. gorgeous! like a modern diva :)
    love that hat and fur collar!

    today in Poland it was lovely weahter, warm and sunny, and there is no snow, really suprising :))

  2. pair of Litas!! Mmmm!))u have really beautiful eyes!