Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Fashion: Mini Dress and Fur Coat

I am wearing: Fur coat and dress - H&M, Tights - ASOS, Shoes - JC Litas, watch and bracelet - NY&Co, Bag - Lancome, Turband -DIY

Hi everyone, how do you like this bohemian look? I hope as much as I do, I am really into fut this winter. This time I decided to wear it over my cream color H&M dress that I got for my birthday, but never got to wear until now, it still had the tags on it, haha! The turband that you see in the pictures is handmade by me in a few seconds, it was a very easy and not at all time consuming DIY project. As many girls this winter I am in love with sequins, so I am very happy how this little accessory turned out.
So I am looking kind of glam in this picture, not bragging, I am just excited, after many many months in just jeans all year round, I finally get to do what I love so much: dress up!!! And change attires from day to day. Though looking at this pictures you would never guess what I have been doing all day. Right after I took this outfit off, I put myself to work, real deal, bathroom cleaning and replacing everything in it to make it new and shiny and glam again! I love to do it before Christmas, and today being the 1st of December makes it the perfect time to start: it makes the anticipation so much better, when you do a little thing (or a real big thing - in my case today - bathroom cleaning and decorating takes time, I can tell you). But I am happy it's done. But it is not it for today, the bedroom and living room, office, and kitchen are next, goodness gracious, what did I get myself into!! It will take me all day, but it's all going to be worth it in the end, when I pull out all the Christmas decorations tonight in a perfectly clean and organized house. I will feel like a kid again, staring at every single ornament for minutes and remember its story, before I put it on the tree!! So I am posting this look really quick, wish me luck, I need to get back to my work!!!
Love you!
And Happy December!!!


  1. u look the fur ur newest follower:)
    check out my blog hope u like and follow!

  2. Like the combination, the turban make a edgy feel in this outfit!looking great!

  3. Perfect combination cute.

  4. Hi Margarita! I must say, you have a very good taste in fashion! This ensemble is just so pretty, and it looks so warm and comfy too. Yep, the turban makes the outfit a cut above the rest. Stay stylish!