Friday, December 2, 2011

Look of the day: Back to fall

I am wearing: Blazer - H&M, Blouse - Walmart, Shorts and tie - vintage DIY, tights - Target, Boots - Forever21, Clutch - DIY

I feel like experimenting lately, I love trying different things and looks. This one has preppy vintage flare about it, and it's very appealing to me. I know it looks like it belongs in the fall, that left us 2 days ago and won't come back for another year, but it is nothing like winter here, the weather is still in the high70s, I think, and yesterday's wind is gone, so it's really really warm. So I couldn't help but jump back into fall, and that's what I ended up with. I don't know, if you guys are going to like it, it's pretty taste specific, but it took me seconds to choose this outfit out of so many clothes in my wardrobe, so I instantly thought that it was meant to be. My husband stared at me shocked by all the colors and said I was crazy. But I did not care. You know this feeling when you know it's right even if everyone tells you it's not, it can't be, it shouldn't be. But you feel that it is. And this is how I felt about this look. I am heading to work now, it's going to be a long night I think. I wish everybody to be inspired! By nature, by people around you, by fashion, by art, and by the simple fact that we are here under the sun!
Happy Friday!!!
Love, Rita)) 


  1. Wow, I love your color blocking! And your awesome makeup, and the pattern mixing! What an inspiring look!

  2. amazing matching of tights and shorts, love these two colors together!