Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leopard and Fur

I am wearing H&M fur coat, old flared jeans, thrifted Dana Buchman top, gold jewelry- JC Penny, Jennifer Lopez, Forever21, Candies Shoes

I adore these shoes!!!! 

I decided to go a bit retro today with flared jeans. I wore leopard print t-shirt that goes well with the shoes. And, of course, the fur coat! The weather is so lovely, and I got a bit warm, but it's good to have it on me just in case, you never know what might happen..

The outing yesterday was very nice, good grilled food, the fresh air, games and it was just nice not to be at work for once.

I hope everybody is doing well! Are you already done Christmas shopping? We almost got everything on the list for our family yesterday. Now it's time to wrap! Yay! And then Christmas tree decorating, that I have delayed for two  weeks.

 I wish you guys all the best!

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