Friday, December 16, 2011

Brown Leather Pants, Blazer and Sequined Clutch

I am wearing H&M blazer, floral blouse old from Walmart, H&M pants, Payless shoes, sequined DIY clutch

I have never worn brown in my life. I thought it did not go well with my complexion. But I was always attracted to it to say the least. There is something very warm and comforting in brown palette, the colors of earth. So I could not resist and bought these leather pants. And then came the jacket, both from H&M. I like the cut it's a bit girly, yet formal, the length permits to wear it as a coat as well - win. I thought the floral shirt went very well with rich brown and a sequined clutch gave it a hint of gold sparkle. It's a bit autumnal, but it's been very fall like here, especially today, still warm, but quite foggy. 

The Holidays are inevitably approaching! My Christmas tree is up! And the presents are wrapped! And most are already sent to their future (lucky) owners!

I wish everybody pre-holiday joy and excitement!
Stat tuned!

Oh, I forgot, it's time to brag now, haha. Just kidding, it's simply two outfits that were on Chictopia's front page again. 


  1. Happy dance I totally just found your blog! So lucky for me, I for sure will be a new follower to come back for more greatness xoxo.

  2. This is such a wonderful color combination. The pants are pretty crazy but you pull them off perfectly. I love this look!