Friday, December 9, 2011

Fur and Sequins

I am wearing Kenar fur coat, Cello jeans, NY&Co blouse, Kohls flats, DIY bag

No, that is not a Zara clutch!! It's a DIY bag I just finished! What a copy cat you would say! But I really didn't want to pay about $100 even for a bag this pretty. Maybe some other time but not now. I am not greedy, I am just saving! I bought some sequined fabric in a crafts store and handmade this baby in 4 hours due to the absence of sewing machine. And I am very happy how it turned out for 10 bucks I spent on it! 
Everything else was bought from stores, but with budget in mind. I wore some sequined flats to go with the purse, and I was definitely wrong wearing fur today, but who knew? The weather keeps changing, and I can never guess!
I need to ask you to excuse my face in the pictures. You know how on some cloudy days it just hurts your eyes even worse than when it's sunny. Today was one of those days for sure. I could not keep them open, there was no sun to be seen, but it felt like there were a thousand little suns shining in my face!


  1. You did a great job on the bag, but I'm really loving your coat!

  2. You make me wanna make some DIY stuff too...although i'm not talented at all :D xoxo

  3. I love this look. Very Parisian contemporary movie star-like. Makes me think of Vanessa Paradis or Kate Moss also. Careless uber chic!

  4. This jacket is AMAZING. You have great style.

  5. Nice job on the clutch!! Love the fur with the distressed denim!