Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Denim Cut Off Shorts and Leather Jacket

I am wearing: JC Penny earrings, Dana Buchman thrifted Top, Levi's thrifted shorts, Forever21 boots, DIY clutch, Walgreens tights

I was trying out my new ankle boots and let me tell you they are the comfiest thing on Earth! They give just enough height to feel girly. And I love my earrings too! Despite of them being so big, they are surprisingly unnoticeable, and I can keep them on for hours, and completely forget about their presence. I chose this rocker look today, I felt edgy and it matched my mood, yet still felt cosy, a very important thing when your whole body aches, and mine does after all the working out I’ve done!
We went out for lunch and were totally stuffed with delicious appetizers offered at BJ’s: tomato mozzarella salad, ahi poke, chicken wings with ranch and buffalo sauce – mmmm, and the desert was divine. I am still off tomorrow, and honestly can’t believe I got a 3 day weekend! 
I hope everyone is doing fine!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Such a cool edgy look. I love the shorts and the jacket is gorgeous.



  2. You look super hot! Your legs are to die for :)

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