Saturday, December 10, 2011

Look of the day: Bright Colors

I am wearing Walmart T-shirt, vintage shorts, forever21 belt, DIY bag, walgreens tights, Target socks, Charlotte Russe heels, vintage hat

I guess, I can always find an excuse to wear brrright! If it's sunny outside I would say it matches the weather, if it's cloudy and gloomy, I will tell you it will bring up my spirits! Anyway, I love bright colors!!! Though, I don't know if I am wearing too many of them today.
Or maybe it's just too gray outside - you think that will explain it? I did not guess with the weather again. It was so warm yesterday, and I wore a fur coat, it's freezingly windy today, and voila, here comes lil miss rainbow! It was fun though! By the way, I got a couple of questions which brand this yellow bag was. And I will have to tell you it's my own "brand", or the latest DIY project. I was off for three days and made 3 clutches. I have always loved sewing, and I am happy I have some time now to indulge in it, lol. 
Another thing, I can't believe I am on Chictopia's front page again! No not in the main picture - I have never made it there yet - honestly speaking I don't know if I can fly that high! But it's very pleasant anyway, and always brightens up my day! Here it is: my rocker chick outfits on the bottom left

Have a nice day, everyone! Love ya))


  1. Such pretty colours! The outfit made me smile. I love your shoes! xo

  2. This is the best combination of brights!!

  3. Really nice blog and great style :)

  4. Such a fun mix of colors! Cute!


  5. wow amazing i love the colours.. so well put together x

  6. love this! amazing colors!

  7. I *love* this look! I adore bright colors, and this look is so gorgeous! I especially love the bag, the shoes, and the socks!