Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leather Pants and Striped Sweater

I am wearing: H&M faux leather pants, Sweater - @Marshall's, shoes - @Target, Bag - Mudd, Blazer - H&M

These pictures were taken a few days ago. I went for a comfortable retro look, because we had to walk a   lot, so this ensemble was perfect for that day. I am absolutely in love with these leather pants from H&M, I could basically live in them! The sweater was a buy from Marshall's and it cost me 10 dollars so I went for it, coz I have this stripe obsession. The loafers are truly indispensable, if you are a girl on the go. We all love heels, but I think our legs deserve rest once in a while, don't you think? So, yeah, this is my outfit for today. Hope you are not disappointed. Thank you everybody for your support. It means worlds and worlds to me.
Love, Rita))


  1. love it! these pants are from hm? oh, I want it too!
    I adore that your sock are visible, it's co cute :)

  2. Now I know the different, the day when I tried these pants in the fitting room in H&M, it looked so horrible on me! now look at you! makes me want to go back and grab the pants again! lol...

  3. I like the complete look here ecpesially the combo of cognac-black hues! you're so gorgeous with that hair style!

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