Monday, December 5, 2011

I am wearing: Dress - H&M, Fur collar - vintage, tights - Target, Shoes - Payless, bag- Tommy Hilfiger 
What can I say, I have always loved color red. It’s bright and energetic, and it suits me. Today I decided to go a bit monochromatic again with the dress and the tights, and add some brown accessories. And since fur has been trend #1, i would say, I can’t stop wearing it. I would wear everything fur if I only had it! You might say this look is more suitable for fall, but I am sure you can incorporate it in winter, by just adding a coat! As for my makeup, I did two color lip as I am a big fan of this trend. And makeup is just such a great way to express yourself and try different looks along with outfits! 
Anyway, I am so sore after the gym, today was day 2 in a few months that I got back to working out, and I would not lie saying that every single muscle in my body hurts! So I really hope to make a rule to work out regularly and stick to it, so I can avoid muscle pain like this! But otherwise it’s just great, I can’t explain this load of energy I get every time after the gym, even if I hurt, I still feel fresh and ready to create!
So if you feel gloomy today here’s my advice: work out and wear red!
Thanks everybody! I wish you health of body and mind! Stay inspired! Talk to you soon!
Love, Rita)


  1. Oh my, all this red is so very lovely!! And that fur...*swoon*! Your makeup looks pretty too lady!


  2. Very nice outfit. love the red legging with the black shoes. vintage is on trend

  3. You look so striking and amazing. I love the dress and the fur!


  4. wow you look like lady! amazing coat!

    with love from Ukraine