Saturday, November 5, 2011

Welcome to The Windy City!

For a while that was the only thing we could see. And then it all turned blinding gray from the clouds and sun, and I honestly was very scared, because you could literally see nothing, I mean nothing!! Just the gray curtain made of clouds. I started to freak out for a moment thinking how we can even move forward when there's nothing to be seen  miles and miles in any direction!

But as we started landing and escaped from the cloud zone, there it was, The Windy City, or simply Chicago, the city that I have been so looking forward to  visiting, the city of so many places of interest annd opportunity!

If you thought of looking under Marilyn Monroe skirt, this is the perfect place to do it, and you get a whole lot of  the famous actress, or so to say her humongous statue, just blocks away from John Hancock Observatory!


  1. how gorgeous pictures!! you are so lucky dear!!

  2. Thanks, Honey! I am lucky indeed to have visited one of the most interesting cities in the world!!!

  3. Chicago looks absolutely amazing, I've always wanted to go. I love the pictures you've taken from the plane too. The high rise part of Chicago reminds me a bit of Canary Wharf in London :).


  4. Chicago is the city I always want to visit and never have a chance!
    These pictures are really amazing!love them all:D

  5. Oh, what gorgeous photos! I am glad you are having a lovely time so far! My best friend lived in Chicago for many years, so it has always held a special place in my heart :)