Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall Fashion: Black Friday

I am wearing: Blazer - vintage on ebay, top - old from Walmart, shorts - Levis cut-offs, belt - Forever21, hat- vintage on ebay, socks - Target, shoes - JC

Gosh, I have never been a fan of black Friday to tell you the truth, waiting for days in line to get a $100 discount is not for me. All this craziness just makes me mad, it really does! Last time I heard there have been already 20 cases of death today, people died of exposure, or got literally squished in a line, bit up to death in this treasure hunt, one person even died because the box with the fridge fell on them. How crazy is that? I don't want my Friday to be black, is a discounted TV really worth a human life??? 
I chose this outfit in crazy colors to reflect this Black Friday madness. Most of the items are very inexpensive, vintage that I thrifted in a store or online in a civilized way of course, no damage was caused to me or other shoppers. It's bright and colorful. Who said Black Friday should be black anyway??


  1. What a beautiful colorful outfits in the Black Friday!:) I didn't get to the mall either, same as to you, all this craziness just makes me mad!!!:D

  2. Where do you live that you can where shorts on Black Friday>

  3. your make-up is great! didn't see it first on chictopia! xo Ola

  4. @Hallie: thank you so much!
    @ThaFashionistachic: I live in Florida, lol, you can wear shorts here all year round!
    @RocknOla: Thank you so much!