Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

  So I went to see what the whole buzz is about, and wasn't really impressed. That in no way takes away from the genius of the famous designer. I just think that polyester dresses don't really cut it for me, plus it looks like they have been designed for model like ladies, I mean 5'11" and taller, most dresses went to my knees, and I am not the shortest girl out there (no offence). Anyway the cat t-shirt was adorable, but did not look like it would fit me either - too big, plus I already have a bunch of similar tees. The bags were already gone by the time I stepped into target, except for the little floral blue number, which was quite cute , I should admit. But I decided to stay adamant and pass on it as well (for the first time thinking practically - well, I just don't have anything to pair it with, ugh...) I also liked the the lace clutch (the black one above) clutch but it looked really cheap and poorly made, to tell you the truth. Maybe next time, I thought, and went to look at the flowers.  Let's wait for Marni for H&M...


  1. I totally didn't even want to deal with all the crazies at Target today lol...I will go in a few days and see if anything is left over haha. I actually do think that blouse with the tie collar is cute tho :)


  2. Great black clutch you found! Love it!

    I’m following your blog now. Hope you’ll check out mine and follow back :)!/BlendofLife

    I hope to see you there!

  3. You know, I thought the same thing. I happened to be in Taget last week and had a look, but the fabrics all looked so cheap. I guess maybe that should be expected, since it's supposed to be a discount line, but, ugh, I would not want to wear those fabrics either!