Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Skull T-Shirt

 I am wearing:
Bag and Blazer vintage
Leggings Apple  Bottoms
Shoes Guess
Diy Skull t-shirt

 I just had nothing else to do  yesterday (not really - but who wants to clean and do chores, right?). Well at least I never have the desire to do those things, never. So instead of organizing my closet - which was the original intention, I started pulling things out, and, yes "diying" them. I cut dresses and t-shirts, and some more dresses, ugh.. I don't know if anything good came out of those dresses, but this t-shirt I actually like. I took inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers of all time Cocorosa, and cut this baby till I saw something resembling a skull, and the outfit idea came to me pretty quick. I also made two studded collars (I bet somebody is missing their old dress shirt - oops!...), just scroll down to see them. And yes I am officially obsessed with pastels now, here are the colors of my next outfit!:

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  1. those studded collars are dreamy! can't wait to see them styled!!! :D

  2. OMG cant believe your shirt
    is DIY its amazing ♥


  3. Great t-shirt! love the outfit. You look beautiful :)

  4. I saw someone else on a blog with a shirt like this too! I love it. I plan to DIY one myself.

  5. This is such a cool and tough look! Love it :)

    yay for the fun collars!


  6. Love the DIY!!! Great job hun..Loving ur style. Definitely going to follow you..U're one to watch...Maybe you could follow back? ;p