Monday, January 9, 2012

Baggy Cardigan and Sheer Skirt

I am wearing vintage skirt, old cardigan, Forever21 boots and bracelet, Dana Buchman bag, Love dress

Hi, Lovelies! 
How are you today!
You were probably wondering (at least I would really like to hope so) where I was and I did not post any outfit pictures. Let me tell you what happened.
I woke up to unbearable drilling due to some massive repair works done to the building where I live. Believe me, there is no better alarm than the loud noise of the drill on cement that feels like somebody is drilling through your head. And that has been going on for 4 months now. I don't even say hi to the workers, and they can probably see all the hatred  in my eyes. You don't mess with some people's mornings!!! Ugh....  
My camera died more than a week ago. Well, you know no camera - no photos. So we were testing this one that we borrowed for a few (or maybe even more...) days. It seems to be doing a good job and I was pleased with the result taken that it was our first time shooting.
My old one as much as I loved it was a regular digital camera and you know in bloggers' world that doesn't cut it. Everyone wants to see professional shots.. Sometimes I get an impression that the outfit doesn't even matter as long as the setting is pretty. A dozen of those good pictures, and wow - you are  considered a fashion icon or something like that!

Anyway, see what happens when people wake me up at 8 in the morning drilling into my walls! One word is right for me today - grumpy.. And the day is just lovely. C'mon out of the house - you are off for 3 days, get out and enjoy the world outside your apartment where the only sounds you here are chirping of birds and whisper of ocean waves!
Enjoy your Monday!
Love, M.


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! Your pics have always been! You proved that you don't need a professional camera to have great pictures. And despite awful mornings, you still look well rested and beautiful!

  2. amazing outfit, great skirt and bag, you look like a model.follow each other?

  3. First of all, I love this skirt. It looks so pretty on you. I totally want one like it.

    Secondly, you DO NOT need a professional camera to be a great blogger!! I look at the outfits, and am often turned off by photos that look too professional. I want to be inspired by real girls taking pictures of their real outfits, and the professional ones often look too staged and phony.

  4. the photos look fine- it's all about the outfit and I can see yours crystal clear! :) that vintage sheer skirt is so super pretty! I love the way it looks with sunlight behind it. hope your mornings get better! :)

  5. Eiikkkk, all the drilling sounds horrible! Sorry lady :/

    This outfit is amazingly chic btw. Love it! Great photos actually too :)