Monday, January 16, 2012

Fake Tattoos and Lace Shorts

Just a little preview for you guys of what's coming up. How cute are these tattoos?  I am getting a couple from and I am extremely excited! Did I tell you I used to draw temporary tattoos? Well, there was a time. And as one of the tattoo artists I was allowed to get one (or two once in a while), and I thought it was really cool. Why badge yourself with one for life, when you can just switch them as you go? No strings attached (I guess I have some commitment issues), haha! Especially they are so inexpensive. So if you see eye to eye with me check out faketattoos site here...

 I really like this intricate butterfly! How feminine!

Also some stunning lace shorts from! I have wanted a pair for a while, so I can't wait to create an outfit around them!!! I am also thinking of getting the same pair in black. What do you think?

All right, lovies! I really have to go! It's dinner time. Mashed potatoes and ribs. Yum. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Love you, M


  1. Your lace shorts rock! I wanna see you do an outfit now, Sweets... and yep, I'd get he black ones too;)

  2. did you wind up gettting the black ones? I just styled up the EXACT same ones except in black today! If you check my blog tomorrow you can see pictures and decide if you like them or not? I like the black and was considering the white hehehee :) after seeing you style them im thinking YES! OASAP is pretty awesome, no? anyway i now follow you on google friend and bloglovin after finding you from chictopia. You are aweeesoomme! <3

  3. I'm already following you!
    I love the brown shoes....