Tuesday, January 10, 2012

White button down, brown wedges, tan blazer

I am wearing:
1. White Ichi button down shirt: similar here and here
2. Khaki pants via Marshall's similar here
3. Brown Kling wedge boots similar here
4. Brown Target bag same here
5. Spike Forever21 necklace similar here
6. Gold  Pieces Skull earrings similar here

As you might have noticed I wore the items today that I won from that mysterious competition a couple of weeks ago. I mean the shirt, the boots and the earrings. You can't see the earrings too well in the pictures, forgive me that, but I hope you'll get the idea. This blazer is one of the most worn items I own, it goes with everything, and I truly love it.

I could have done without a blazer honestly. It is so hot outside. But I am constantly struck with fear of being cold that I always carry a jacket  (a blazer, a coat, or even a fur coat) on me! But today it was certainly not needed. This is definitely the warmest or should I say the hottest January I have ever experienced. And I am not complaining, and who would? It's over 70 F outside and just beautiful.

Another beautiful thing: your support. I can't thank you enough for your comments yesterday. So few people can see past the pretty picture! Thank you one and all. You are so so great. And I will always be grateful for you guys! I really will.

Thanks again! Much love, M.


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  2. Love how you dressed up the cargos with the nude blazer. so chic! www.casualglamorous.com

  3. great outfit, amazing necklace, flawless style.

    STYLE KO by airene

  4. Margarita, thank you so much for your supportive comment! It's so nice to have people who will cheer you on. I like the understated cool vibe of this look. Well styled!

  5. loving the outfit, specially the necklace


  6. I love your hair like that, so pretty! Such a chic look, as always :)


  7. Lovely colors !


  8. in love with the colors! in belgium its soo cold, i can only dream of wearing something like this

  9. I absolutely love this look. It's somehow Mia Farrow in Woody Allen's 80s New York spirit. Yet with a modern twist.

    Guess what happened to me at work... this guy came to talk to me and said that the people with him were from the same country as me. I said "what country is that? " He said "Russia". I said, I'm sorry but I'm unfortunately not Russian. This is by far not the first time this happened to me;) I take it as a huge compliment since Russian women are extremely beautiful!

  10. i love everything is this outfit.. the bag, the shoes, the pants and your hair is amazing!!!!! you have a great sense of style my dear :)
    greetings from italy. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  11. Gorgeus look! I love the muted tones and especially the necklace! Love your new blog look too!

  12. How beautiful you and this outfits!!!!

  13. Lovely outfit. In love with those shoes! You have so nice hair too! xo