Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black mesh and liquid metal

I am wearing:
Top via Marshall's
Jeans H&M
Collar DIY
Bag Vintage
Shoes via Kohl's old

I went all black as we headed to see Opera, live streaming at a local movie theater. It was quite fortunate as I got 2 rain tickets from a sweet Russian lady from Chicago whose acquaintance I made not too long ago at work. She's back to Chicago now, and we decided to take this opportunity and see how we like opera especially they had wine tasting and wonderful hors d'oeuvres before the performance. I've been to ballet before, but I don't recall going to opera. I actually liked it, really really liked it. We watched Manon by Massenet. It's fascinating how people sing so well and for so long (the whole performance took over 6 hours, oh my!). It was a sad story though, very tragic, but I'll talk about it later.

          As for now I still have the previous story to finish. You can read the first part here
          So, K got a new car, brand new, beautiful BMW that was paid out in cash by his grandma right there and right then to the complete astonishment of the sales person. No need to say, K was out of his mind happy driving around the town in this jewel. Like I said earlier he did not get to enjoy it too much longer. It had been a week that he had owned it. He still had to go to work, and he worked at 3 different places to pay his student life. One of his jobs was out of town, a pretty long drive from where  he lived, and started very early in the morning, so he had to be up by 3 am. It was another freezing morning, one of very many, absolutely freezing. He pushed the button on his keys to start the heat in the car, and grabbed a jacket. The ground was covered in snow. He had to drive through an uninhibited area on his way to work. "It is very different from how cities are here in the US", he said, "where there's a gas station every now and then, you know?". I guess it's not like this in Europe, there was nothing between cities and towns, just road, plain road. He got in his warm now car, tossed his jacket on the back seat, and drove a long way to work, through bare fields, nothing around him, but snow, that was almost glowing in the moon light.

          What he did not know, nor could he see, that part of the road was covered in ice, however that could have happened, whoever could have spilt loads of water in the middle of nowhere and for what reason?? Anyhow, the car skid badly on that ice and twisted, and then he remembered nothing, in fact it was all like a dream to him. He doesn't remember getting out of the car that crashed (and was totaled later, that's how bad it was) into a tree. He didn't remember where he was, what he was doing on hat road, and whose car it was smashed into a tree, not even a car , but whatever was left from it. So he was wondering around hoping to wake up, looking  into the vast countryside, so peaceful  and bright as the snow reflected and multiplied  the moonlight. It was really cold too, well below 0. Brrr.
His jacket was in the car, but he did not know about it. He was still trying to wake up from this weired stupefying dream. He started looking around and saw nothing, so he walked just where his feet were taking him, and saw blood on the snow, a lot of blood that was dripping, constantly dripping ... from him. He wiped his faced and his head to discover his hands covered in it. It was his blood. What on earth had happened? where was he? WHO was he?
         He had no answer. So he walked more. He did not know how much he walked before he saw signs of life (it was six miles by the way). Both of his knees were broken, blood was dripping from his head, but of course he felt nothing, not even the horrible cold that could have alone already killed him. He got on the porch of a house and knocked. As he stood there covered in blood, the door opened, he softly asked for help, please... The door closed right in front of his face.
         He walked to the second house and begged for help, but the story repeated. It still bugs me how people just shut the door in front of a dying man? I mean you don't have to let him in and accommodate him in your bed for goodness sake, just call 911. Seriously what is wrong with you?
         Then there were no more houses, but he saw a public phone. He walked  to it and dialed 911. The operator picked up, K asked for help. The operator asked him what happened. K said he did not know. He must have gotten in an accident. The operator asked where he was. K said he did not know. The operator asked what his name was, fro a hundredth time now K said  "I don't know". Unfortunately back when K was 18 they couldn't tell where the call was from, and the operator was doing his best to find out where the poor boy was located, but K was getting tired, really really tired. "Please don't ask anymore questions, please help me, help me".... and he hung up, and just sat their with no idea what was going on around him. I still don't understand how he could survive for so long in a light little sweater in what probably was -30 Celsius cold?
         The phone kept ringing, but he did not know why. He didn't know it was the operator trying to reach out to him, the operator who called all other stations, who let the whole department know what was going on with the young guy sitting in the snow only God knows where. Numerous ambulance vehicles were headed in all directions trying to find him but they had no idea where he was.  It was probably half hour later when K, getting really cold by then, picked up the phone again. The same operator implored please, don't hang up again, please just stay there, tell me what you see". K named some billboard or name of the restaurant he saw in the distance behind him. "We will find you", the operator almost yelled, "we will find you". K stood up, looked around. "Why am I so cold?" he thought. He felt light-headed, weak. And as he heard the sirens of the ambulance he lost his consciousness.
           And he did not regain it for a while. For a whole week he was in a coma.The doctors had to keep him under ice because his body temperature dropped several degrees, and remove ice little by little to bring his temperature up slowly back to normal. But he lived. Survived a severe accident, walking so many miles with two broken knees that freezing winter morning while constantly loosing blood, with no one there to help. If not a miracle, then what do you call it?
          The story got out in public very quickly, and was constantly on the news. K used to play basketball fro a college team and was pretty well known. He said on camera, the only thing that bothered him was that no one would help when he most needed it. 
          So that's it. The gist of what happened that early morning. And how angels kept that boy alive against all the odds.


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  2. that story is remarkable. I can't believe no one let him in? But the operator...thank god for the operator. That was amazing that she sent ambulances everywhere. I was so relieved that he lived! That really is a miracle.
    ON another note, I love your collar! :)
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  3. You look so much like Olivia Palermo on pic #3!!!! Love those ancle skinnies!

  4. wow amazing story. people can be so cruel... and lovely look too <3 haven't mentioned it yet, but your haircut looks awesome too!


  5. Wow, definitely a miracle! You look so pretty, by the way, I love those jeans!

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