Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Pastels

I am wearing:
Forever21 sweater, belt, ring
Jeans and glasses via Marshall's
Boots Kling

First of all, Happy EASTER, everyone!!!
I wish you all the best for this divine holiday and for the rest of the year!!!!
My outfit today reminds me of Easter eggs! I just love the colors! Pastel color-blocking has been of of my favorite trends this spring. Hope you enjoy!

Today I am going to post a pretty long story for you. I might even split it and finish it in the next post. But it has to do with miracles. And it being Easter today, I decided why not share it with you?

Do you guys believe in miracles? I know I do. Not once did I happen to experience them throughout my life. Well, I am too naive, you might say, and tend to see miracles where there is just a logical current of events, or in the best case mere luck. For the most skeptical of you I am writing this little story the grandness of which made me speechless for a while (again - not that hard to do - I hear the serious voice of a logical person trying to disagree with me). I am sure it will make the most serious of you believe in miracles and put you in an inevitable awe. At least I hope so. We lack miracles in this life.

Anyway, this was told to me and one of my colleagues by my boss, whom this story is about. He grew up not necessarily here in the US, but somewhere in Europe (let's agree to give him some kind of privacy). I never posted anything too personal before for many reasons, and for many reasons now I am trying to change it, but I feel like keeping some details neutral, as one the most important times of his life are being presented to the public without him even knowing. That's why let's keep his name and country in secret if you will.

 So, he did grow up in one of the European countries, where it gets really really cold in the wintertime. And when I say cold I mean really really cold. That type of cold that it hurts to breathe as the water particles in your nose freeze as soon as you step outside, that type of cold that you can't open the doors of your car without splashing hot water all over them (example that he (my boss) used in his recital). Well, you can see now, it gets really cold wherever it was where he grew up. He just turned 18 (or maybe he was turning 18 - I can't remember) and was in need of a car, but raised by a strict Mom (not that he did not have a dad, but his mom was particularly strict with him fearing that he would grow up taking things for granted) he had to earn money to afford it. All he had made as of then was some $400 (lets use dollars to stay neutral as we agreed earlier, the euros did not exist back then) - not that much to buy anything bigger than a bicycle. But he did find something, I don't know if you could possibly call it a car, it was more like an old bathtub with two seats and a long stick between them, it had a steering wheel i'll give it that, and it moved, so for his practical mind it worked, it was just a means of transportation. So one of those days his grandma came for a visit and saw her beloved grandchild who was by the way 6'8" in that old piece of junk, and almost lost her ability to speak. His grandma, to give you the better idea of a family he grew up in, had absolutely no concept of money whatsoever. Having worked hard back in the day her husband and she were exceptionally wealthy to say the least. So you can imagine her pain when she saw what her precious grandson had to navigate, to make it all worse the old bathtub would not turn on as K (let's call my boss K, shall we?) was struggling with the damn thing.

So she immediately in sight of such a disgrace to her wealth and social position offered to buy him a new car, whatever car he wanted for his birthday (but it had to look good and be worthy of such a splendid young kid as him). They went to a BMW dealer not bad, huh?, and chose a beautiful beautiful vehicle any 18 year old, and not only, could possibly dream of.  Too bad he did not get to enjoy it for too long....

to be continued...


  1. Beautiful outfit. I love pastels right now and this look is perfect!

  2. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story...!!!!! And that mint sweater is GORGEOUS <3
    Club Couture Giveaway!

  3. Nice color... Happy Easter too :)

  4. beautiful colors!! :D
    these photos looks like for a magazine! (:
    Have a nice day!

  5. Happy Easter! Such pretty colors! I esp. adore the sweater and cute :)


  6. That's not fair. I read the story and where is the end???

    Of course, you darling look beautiful in these pastels... still, I'd like to know the rest.

    Happy Easter!


  7. u have awesome style! this outfit is perfect in every way!! xx

  8. You have amazing style! Totally love it! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, I'd love to follow one another! Now following you!

    The Urban Umbrella

  9. Love this outfit!
    great combination of pastel colours and the neon- yellow,
    you look greaaat


  10. I love the glasses with the sweater. I need to try that.

  11. your blog title is incredibly ironic 'a doll without style' yet you are so stylish :) gorgeous outfit again! I adore the colours !

    sophie xox

  12. This outfit is perfection! Love your blog!

    Heather xx

  13. very very cute. Love the colors, and how the belt matches your clutch.