Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am wearing:
H&M blazer (for sale soon)
H&M glasses and pants
Forever 21 clutch
N&C scarf (old)
Carlos Santana shoes
Nail polish:
 (hands) Avon "Nocturnal"
(toes) L'Oreal "Minted"

It was a nice evening en amoureux as the French would say. After a very long day of work. I almost forgot about this scarf I owned for over 3 years, and decided to pair it with tan and black, I envisioned the combination super chic, what do you think?
We went to Chili's and I finally decided to have a Margarita!
Despite being named that I usually never order one. 
But the Presidente Strawberry Margarita sounded extremely suitable to relax and shake the stress away.
It worked too, all troubles forgotten and nice pleasant mood established!
Don't get me wrong, I am known for being almost  paranoidly  sober. I honestly hardly ever have a drink due to my weak tolerance toward alcohol - I get buzzed after a single sip! So I usually go with orange juice, and people think I am no fun, oh well, it's their problem if they decide to consume a dozen of beers at a time.


  1. i like your blog!check out my blog! we may follow each other)

  2. lol i don't drink because i'm allergic to alcohol, literally. strawberry margaritas are yummy tho (i can drink a little bit w/o consequences!) and you look wonderful. very classy chic. love your shoes. and thank you too ;)


  3. Love this one, especially those shoes!