Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink Asymmetric Skirt

I am wearing high low skirt Ross similar here 30% OFF with code
T-shirt old (as you can probably notice)
clutch DIY
Belt Forever21
Hat Scala

It was a few days ago when the weather was absolutely perfect to lay a bit in the sun. I  just noticed how white I actually am and in urgent need of tan! But alas I have been struck with some weird flu that did not make me feel super horrible like most flues do (thank God for theraflu that I have been taking religiously from day one), but just unbelievably week, especially yesterday which made me sit around all day when the weather was just calling outside, all I could do however was stare all day in my computer and sleep. It made me remember that beautiful day with mild sun that only exists in the spring when it's just so delicately warm you can stay outside without getting an immediate headache (or sunburn, or both for crissake!). All I could do yesterday though was (pretend) sit on the balcony watching the river for a few minutes before this horrible flu-full fatigue made me go back inside, buy 10 pairs of vintage earrings online, and curl in bed with Kissa (aka my sleepy cat), who was so devoted as to follow me and have a short nap on the other side of the pillow making childlike sweet sounds. I don't know what exactly I dreamed off, I think it was a red evening dress that was being gifted to me by my grandmother who just passed away not even a month ago, or maybe I dreamt of it last night? Hm, anyway it was a really weird dream, the dress would not fit on top. What could that whole thing mean? I am a bit freaked out by it, to tell you the truth.
Anyway, tomorrow I am off to see opera performance and have some hors d'oeuvres.
And then hopefully I'll be so lucky to enjoy the lazy river and do nothing by the pool all day in Orlando.
The "program" also includes watching Hunger Games (anyone yet?), and thrifting, if I am lucky enough..

Love you guys,


  1. Oh I love this! What a cute beach outfit! The colorblocking is super pretty. Now I really want to go to the beach.

  2. gorgeous barefoot pictures!! love your hat and colors!! pretty as always dear!!
    Maybe you'd like to take part at my romwe giveaway:)

  3. Such a nice post! I found you randomly on Chictopia and now checking out your blog :) Great photos and great styling, darling! Very well done!


  4. I LOVE the skirt!!

    What do you do on your weekend of pure relaxation? This is what I brought on my weekend off!

  5. This beach look is so perfect.
    The colors the skirt and the hat, really beautiful!

    Thanks for following my blog! I’m following back <3