Thursday, September 1, 2011

And so it began

So this is the first post on my blog and after months of hesitation I decided not to kill my desire to write something (which I wanted to do for quite a while) by thinking too much how to begin this blog to make it the most interesting and facinating in the whole world, but just to simply begin writing (because as I mentioned above I had wanted to write for ages). Plus there are probably millions of blogs out there written by most interesting people and it would just be too ambitious to even dream of surpassing all of them in talent and knowledge especially by being an ordinary girl who has never written before.

And you are entitled to ask, then why did this ordinary girl with no history or experience in writing even start this blog. And I will answer you just as I mentioned above, because I had wanted to write for ages now. And I hope you will forgive me my inexperience and just stop to say hi once in a while. I intended it as a fashion blog, but the time flew while I was contemplating if I am going to be a decent fashion blogger making me realize I am interested in so much more than fashion (I am in no way underestimating fashion, understand me right, but I simply want to write about quisine and painting, going to the beach and doing my hair, my deepest thoughts and innocent weaknesses, my cat and just about life in general).

And if you are still not bored out of your mind, I thank you for being so kindly nice.
Till next post,

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  1. THEN WRITE!!!!! WRIIIIITE!!!!!!
    To heck with your inexperience. Just let it flow.