Thursday, September 22, 2011

today's menu

1. Mojito

2. Cucumber and Tomato Salad (seasoned with salt and pepper, and a bit of sunflower oil, garnished with parsley)
 3. Fryed chiken with mashed potatoes and marinated mushrooms

These mushrooms are absolutely amazing by the way (if you are in that kind of exotic foods). I got them in a Russian store I visit once in a while. They are assorted and come in a little jar that is absolutely impossible to open. I added some pepper and oil.
I also had some tea and cake for desert, but the cake was so delicious it disappeared before I could take a picture of it! Bon appetit!!!!


  1. did you cook your dinner yourself margarita???? ,it looks good, i made a lemon chicken last night for dinner with steamed rice.. i eat alot more chicken for dinner cause its healthier,
    it goes better with my diet,i also like to make healthy smoothies....and i was going to ask you if you ever seen a tumblr blog? i have one and it works so good, if you made one peopel could find your blog who have the same interest,when you post a blog on tumblr they let you put tags,with those you can find others who like what you do,i have one and it works so good,try it out,if you need help help let me know,  i have helped others make theres too 8)) ,take care marg!

  2. Yes I did and it was delicious!! Thanks for your suggestions!