Friday, September 2, 2011

Today's inspiration

Makeup Trends for Fall Winter 2011/2012

Wine Colored Lip Makeup

The 30’s or 40’s red lips? They are so in! And the “vampier”  the better! Just make sure you keep the rest of the face rather neutral. And of course I decided to try a couple of bright shades despite the fact I was a bit hesitant about how it was going to look on me, because the models just looked so stunning rocking the bright lips on the catwalks, I was convinced it’s time to try something new - not that I am going to abandon neutral (or nude) lip that I love so much!


So with the fall season officially in, I tried it out with Poppy Love from avon $2.99 special, you can see the pictures down below:

 Hope you enjoy!
 Till next time,

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